Effect of Annealing on Structural and Electrical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique

In thin film technology, Chemical Bath Deposition could be the most cost-effective method, especially the double dip technique. Even though this method suffers from limitations such as high resistivity and comparable quality of films, it is widely used for the fabrication of thin films. Zinc Oxide thin films were prepared on glass substrate by Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) using ammonium Zincate precursor solution. Investigations on effect of annealing the Zinc Oxide (ZnO) films at 4000C were also carried out. Structural characterization performed using X-ray diffraction technique confirmed the polycrystalline nature for all films with predominant diffraction line along (002) orientation. FE-SEM images showed uniform films with flower like structure and agglomerated grain size of the order of 900nm. The as-grown films with high resistivity which is characteristic of this preparation technique exhibited a decrease on annealing. The temperature dependent conductivity in high temperature range showed the semiconducting nature of ZnO thin films. In this study, results of annealing clearly indicated the improved crystallinity of ZnO films which would be useful in optoelectronic applications and the flower-like structure which affirms increased surface area makes it suitable for gas sensor applications.

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